The Role of the Architect

There is no one, single, standard job description for the Architect. This is a diverse field, requiring a diverse knowledge base. Architects are trained problem solvers, with the experience, training and vision to help you to get the most for your construction dollars.

Building is a difficult and complicated process. Architects are the single trade in the building industry most capable of guiding the overall design and construction process to successful completion. Their experience and creativity helps them to assist you in managing all aspects of complex construction projects from design through completion.

Architects create environments, not just buildings with four walls. Architects tailor the project design to suit the needs, personality, budget, and lifestyle of the Owner. They are required to consider function, aesthetics, economic, environmental, life safety and regulatory requirements, while appropriately balancing all of these considerations in the final design.

It is important that you speak to an Architect as early as possible in the project planning process - Architects listen to the Owner, and serve as their advocates. An Architect can help reduce building costs, decrease energy needs, and increase the future resale value of your home through effective design.