Residential Remodel and Addition

Butte Meadows, California

Scope of work: Architectural Design | Structural Design

This is a remodel/addition to a mountain cabin on a wooded, creek side lot. The original cabin, including the loft, was approximately 1520 square feet. The addition adds nearly 780 square feet.

The original kitchen was usable, but quite small. The dining room would not accommodate much of a table, due to the structural column which was located in the middle of the room. The loft, which functioned as the master bedroom, was accessed from a stairway in the great room

The design program was as follows:

  • Provide a private master bedroom, with its own bathroom.
  • Add usable space to the great room, by removing the existing stairs, and replacing them with a new spiral staircase in the addition.
  • Add a new, open and naturally lit kitchen that would take advantage of the beautiful creek view behind the cabin.
  • Convert the existing kitchen and dining room into a larger, more usable space. Columns were removed, and new windows were added to increase the natural light in this space.

Here are a few pictures of the project, taken throughout construction. Click on the photos to see the full-size image.